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WagyuMafia: mindblowing experience

Venturing into the heart of WagyuMafia is akin to stepping into a world where the essence of Wagyu is not just savored but celebrated with every fiber of its being.

Spearheaded by the visionary Hisato Hamada-san, this culinary gem transcends the traditional steakhouse model, weaving an unforgettable narrative of taste, tradition, and camaraderie.

Since its inception, WagyuMafia has witnessed exponential growth, expanding its presence not only across Japan—with key locations like @wagyumafia_butcher, @wagyumafiadistrict, and @wagyumafiarepublic—but also on an international scale. This global expansion is a vivid illustration of the innovative spirit and boundless passion that fuel WagyuMafia, under the visionary guidance of Hisato Hamada-san.

Creator and chef Hamada san at WagyuMafia District, Japan

Under Hamada-san's creative and astute leadership, WagyuMafia has emerged as a beacon of culinary excellence, blending the finesse of Wagyu-centric dining with an atmosphere that echoes the joy of a gathering among friends. The concept of "itterasshai" reverberates through its walls, symbolizing a welcome that extends beyond mere greeting into the realm of heartfelt connection.

WagyuMafia Butcher´s kitchen, Japan

Dining at WagyuMafia is an event marked by jubilation. From the spirited welcome to the shared moments of joy over exquisite bites of the finest Wagyu brands like Ozaki beef, each element contributes to an atmosphere brimming with celebration. It's a place where every shout of “itterasshai,” every clink of glasses, and every laughter shared, stitches the fabric of a community united by a love for Wagyu.

Wagyu cutting in front of customer at WagyuMafia District, Japan

In 2023, this remarkable dedication to excellence was globally recognized when WagyuMafia was honored among the top 10 steakhouses in Japan by the prestigious ranking of World 101 Best Stearestaurants ( . This accolade is a testament to WagyuMafia's unparalleled commitment to quality and innovation in the realm of Wagyu dining.

Owner and Chef Hisato san receiving the plaque for being among the best 2023 Steakhoues in Japan . WagyuMafia Butcher´s kitchen, Japan

My personal journey through WagyuMafia, guided by the friendship of Hisato Hamada-san—who warmly refers to me as "hermano"—highlights the profound connection that food can forge between souls. It's this bond, this shared reverence for Wagyu, that elevates the WagyuMafia experience into a narrative worth recounting in the annals of culinary history.

First time I´ve meet owner and chef Hisato Hamada, at WagyuMafia republic

In conclusion, WagyuMafia is not merely a Wagyu steakhouse; it is a sanctuary where the sublime quality of Wagyu is celebrated, where culinary artistry meets the warmth of human connection, making every visit a chapter in a larger story of gastronomic discovery. The experience curated by Hisato Hamada-san and his team is a beacon of innovation and camaraderie, setting a benchmark for Wagyu dining on a global scale. Here’s to the magic that awaits in every visit, promising ever more enchanting chapters in the saga of WagyuMafia.


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