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Meat Sommelier. Wagyu Meister

MEET Lean Gentini

Leandro Gentini, affectionately known as "Lean," is a distinguished figure in the Wagyu culinary world, renowned for his specialization in Wagyu beef and his esteemed title as a meat sommelier.


Originally from Argentina, a nation revered for its profound meat traditions, Lean ventured to Japan, immersing himself in the world of Wagyu to master the intricacies of this luxurious beef.

Meat Sommelier certification

In 2019, the career path of Meat Sommelier was inaugurated by ICOCA and offered through Buenos Aires University (

. This rigorous one-year program, encompassing over 200 hours of sensory analysis, anatomy theory by veterinary professors, culinary sessions led by renowned chefs, among other practical modules, saw Lean as one of its inaugural graduates. This achievement underscores his commitment and proficiency in the domain.

Meat sommelier

International collaboration

Lean's contributions to the meat world were also evident through his pivotal role in helping to achieve a collaboration agreement between the Japan National Meat Academy and the Argentine Meat Sommelier Association (ICOCA). This significant partnership, celebrated at the Argentine Embassy in Japan, underscored the strong bilateral relations between the two countries and Lean's influential role in the global culinary narrative.

Official post from Embassy of Argentina in Japon (Instagram​)

Collaboration Agreement between Japan National Meat Academy and ICOCA-Argentina Meat Sommelier School

Argentine Meat Sommelier Association Membership

Lean's career trajectory took a significant leap in 2020 with his instrumental involvement in the establishment of the Argentine Meat Sommelier Association (  

This venture marked the onset of his international influence, facilitating a cultural and culinary bridge through his deep-seated knowledge and appreciation of premium beef.

Specialization in Wagyu

Lean's specialization in Wagyu beef led him to Japan, the epicenter of Wagyu production. There, he undertook a 12-month program to deeply explore Wagyu in all its facets—ranging from various cuts and brands to feeding systems and aging techniques. This experience not only expanded his professional scope but also cemented his status as a significant figure in the international Wagyu industry.

Steak Ambassador for Japan

In 2022, Lean was distinguished as the "Steak Ambassador" for Japan by the prestigious 101 Best Steakhouses Ranking organization ( , affirming his mission to enhance the global recognition of Japan's steakhouses.

Official announcement (Instagram)

Judge of World Steak Challenge

In 2023, Lean's profound understanding and appreciation for beef quality were acknowledged when he was appointed as a judge for the World Steak Challenge, notably for its inaugural Wagyu Category. This prestigious event evaluates over 400 steaks globally and Lean's involvement exemplifies his expertise in the field.

Official announcement (Instagram)

Wagyu Olympics in Kagoshima

In 2022, Lean was invited to the 12th edition of the Wagyu Olympics in Kagoshima, a quintessential event held every five years that celebrates Wagyu excellence. His insights garnered international attention, including an interview by NHK, further amplifying his influence in the field.

Wagyu influencer in Social media

Beyond his professional achievements, Lean has become a Wagyu influencer through his active engagement on social media. With insightful reviews, chef encounters, and a following of over 27,000 meat enthusiasts on Instagram, Lean shares his passion for Wagyu beef, connecting with a broad audience of both aficionados and novices.

Lean Gentini Instagram

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