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Meat Sommelier. Wagyu Meister

Chef Junichi Yoshida - Yoshida Ishigaki

Junichi Yoshida-san, the esteemed owner and chef of Ishigaki Yoshida Restaurant in Azabujuban, is celebrated for his profound expertise in teppanyaki, boasting over two decades of experience. As a respected director of the Japan Teppanyaki Association and a certified instructor, Yoshida-san has played a pivotal role in propelling the teppanyaki industry forward. He is particularly acclaimed for his innovative "Ishigaki Yoshida Ultimate Crispy Grill Formula," which achieves a sublime balance of crispiness and juiciness in Wagyu beef.

Yoshida-san's remarkable talents and visionary approach have transformed teppanyaki from a simple style of cooking into a Michelin-starred culinary marvel. His ability to showcase the sophisticated essence of teppanyaki cuisine has garnered global recognition, establishing it among the elite of gastronomic achievements.

Earning the first Michelin star ever awarded to a teppanyaki restaurant, Chef Yoshida has not only elevated the cuisine to unprecedented levels but also positioned Ishigaki Yoshida as a premier dining destination in Tokyo. His journey, originating from the shores of Okinawa to the zenith of Tokyo's luxury dining landscape, exemplifies his unwavering dedication to culinary excellence.

Adopting "shuhari," a philosophy that venerates Japanese culinary traditions while fostering innovation, Yoshida-san has created a teppanyaki experience that is revolutionary yet deeply anchored in tradition. This balanced approach has revolutionized how teppanyaki is perceived and enjoyed, cementing Chef Yoshida's legacy in the culinary world as both an innovator and a guardian of tradition.


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