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Wagyu Olympics

The Wagyu Olympics, a 5-day contest with participants from all over Japan, is the most important Wagyu event in world 🌎

Sponsored by the Japan Wagyu Registration Association , once every five years, The National Wagyu Talent Exhibition, commonly known as the “Wagyu Olympics”, is a competition to select the best Wagyu of the year but also with the long term aim of improving the ability and uniformity of wagyu beef in Japan 🇯🇵

Each Prefecture competes in two main categories:

1. Breed, which examines the body shape, size, body proportions, etc.

2. Beef, which examines the meat quality (yield, marbling, color, etc.)

There are also sub categories, mainly divided by the age and gender of cattle.

Every prefecture selects its own representatives to compete in each category.

This is not a competition among branded wagyu since most prefectures have more than one branded wagyu. The winner is a prefecture, not a brand. For example, Kobe is a Wagyu Brand from Hyogo Prefecture, hence it will compete within the Hyogo Prefecture team.

The ranking of each Prefecture is scored, and the one with the highest score is awarded with the “group exhibition group award” 🏆🥇

In addition, one of the top prize winners in the breeding cattle and beef cattle categories recibes the Prime Minister's Award, the highest honorary award. 🏆🏆

When grouping the awards by region, Kyushu is the clear historical winner driven mainly by the outstanding performance of Miyazaki prefecture during last 4 Olympic events 👏👏🥇

Hope you enjoy it 👍

Lean Gentini 🇯🇵❤️🇦🇷


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