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Meat Sommelier. Wagyu Meister

Chef Hisato Hamada - Wagyu Mafia

Chef Hisato Hamada-san, the esteemed Chef Founder of WAGYUMAFIA, has not only garnered my admiration for his culinary mastery but also for his innovative journey to a global Wagyu ambassador.

Discovering Wagyu during his previous career, Hisato-san was so captivated by its exceptional qualities that he dedicated his life to this exquisite meat. Beginning with Wagyu exports in 2012, he and his old friend Takafumi Horie embarked on a gastronomic adventure, starting with pop-ups that eventually blossomed into the renowned Wagyumafia restaurant.

WAGYUMAFIA is more than a collection of dining spots; it's a series of venues in Tokyo, Hong Kong and other big cities, that celebrate Wagyu's versatility and quality through various dynamic concepts.

Hisato-san's passion for Wagyu extends globally, as he tours the world, evangelizing about Wagyu through events, pop-ups, and chef collaborations, including the notable "Onigiri for Love" project with Yoshihiro Narisawa and the "Kobe Beef Summit".

Yet, it's the personal connections forged at WAGYUMAFIA that resonate deeply with me. Hisato-san's approach, encapsulated by the motto “come as strangers, leave as family,” fosters a unique dining atmosphere. This philosophy has not only attracted global celebrities like Ed Sheeran and David Beckham but also emphasizes nurturing relationships over culinary transactions. In the exclusive members-only sections of his establishments, Hisato-san champions a culture of mutual respect and quality, both in front of and behind the counter, advocating for a dining experience where chefs and diners interact with openness and appreciation.

At the heart of my esteem for Hisato-san is our personal bond, symbolized by the affectionate term "hermano" he uses for me. This bond, emblematic of the warmth and generosity that Hisato-san exudes, and the spirit of community within WAGYUMAFIA, stands as a testament to his character. My experiences with him, within the confines of WAGYUMAFIA and in the wider world of Wagyu evangelism, underscore not only his gastronomic brilliance but also the enduring connections inspired by shared culinary passions.

In summary, Hisato Hamada-san and WAGYUMAFIA represent a pinnacle in the world of Wagyu, where exquisite beef is just the beginning of a much larger story about culinary innovation, global exploration, and the deep, enduring bonds formed over shared meals. Through his endeavors, Hisato-san doesn't just serve meals; he weaves a global tapestry of culinary connection that celebrates Wagyu in all its forms, leaving a lasting legacy of flavor, friendship, and familial bonds


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