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Sugita - Japan




If you’re looking for an unforgettable Wagyu experience, the perfect destination is Sugita restaurant, 🇯🇵 which is considered the top No. 5 in the ranking of best steakhouses in Japan 🇯🇵👏

On this occasion, chef Sugita san offered a special edition of 18-year-old Wagyu Tajima beef (yes! 18 years old!) additionally wet-aged for 55 days to enhance its tenderness and flavor

Below the amazing 10-course wagyu steak tasting menu:

1. Perfect beginning with a Sashimi tuna of Miyagi prefecture with caviar covered with a smooth and delicate wasabi oil

2. Miyazaki beef tartare with Tororo (creamy yam)

3. Morel mushrooms, white asparagus, egg, and canola flower
4. Skewer of grilled tongue (bottom part) pepper, and green onions
5. Juicy wagyu beef hamburger with wasabi and super thinly sliced white mushrooms
6. Beef consommé with black truffle, that warms the soul!
7. The star of the night: 18 years old and 55 days wet aged Tajima Wagyu with shiitake mushrooms. The melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich, complex flavors of the beef are unforgettable
8. Miyazaki Wagyu tenderloin sandwich, following Sugita san’s family traditional recipe. The best beef sandwiche I’ve ever had!
9. Juicy strawberry from Tokushima, ice-cream yogurt over blueberry from Hamamatsu. Refreshing dessert that provides a perfect balance to the richness of the earlier courses
10. Hot roasted green tea with sweets beans, orange financier and a fresh kumquat. A perfect end to the meal
As a bonus, the surprising home-made sweet and frozen wagyu beef jerky is mind-blowing, a perfect example of the restaurant’s creativity and innovation
Overall, Sugita steakhouse is magical. Full of love ❤️ , dedication, respect to family traditions and passion to guarantee the best experience to their customers. Definitely one of my favorites in Japan !! ❤️❤️🙏🙏😍

Thank you Sugita san and Aiami san for your kindness and professionalism ! Thank you my friend Jorge for always partnering in the Wagyu journey around 🇯🇵🙏
Looking forward to visiting you soon again!
Lean Gentini 🇯🇵🇦🇷
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