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Here some information about the Universal Wagyu Mark

The Japan Livestock Industry Association collaborated with the official Wagyu Breeders to create the Universal Wagyu mark in 2007.
This mark is proof of authenticity, signifying genuine, purebred Wagyu beef raised in Japan.
The Wagyu mark is not only used on block of beef and slides meat in packages, as well as in official grading certifications.

Wagyu means "Japanese cow" but in Japan 🇯🇵 , not any cattle can be considered “Wagyu”.

Only four breeds, native to Japan and genetically unique, can be considered Wagyu as follows:
- Japanese Black. The most renowned Wagyu breed representing more than 90% of all Wagyu in Japan. Main brands are KOBE, OMI, Ozaki and Matsusaka.
- Japanese Brown. Commonly known in USA as “Japanese red”. While not as famed than Japanese Black, this breed still produces a significant marbling content.
- Japanese Polled. Mix between Japanese native cattle and Angus. Lean meat with friendly flavor to palate.
- Japanese Shorthorn. A rare breed of Wagyu only found in Japan representing less than 1% of Wagyu cattle.

To be considered Wagyu cattle should born and raised in Japan. Additionally, cattle need to be verified by the Cattle Traceability System

Only "Japanese Wagyu" is pure breed while “non-Japanese Wagyu" are crossbred since Japan’s export of live cattle Wagyu is restricted.

Hope you enjoy it 🙏

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