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Olive-Fed Wagyu




👋 Here a few interesting facts about one of the rarest beef in the world: Olive-fed Wagyu

· Cattle are raised in Shodoshima Island, Kagawa prefecture, Japan 🇯🇵
· For decades, Shodoshima earned the nick name “Olive island” due to its significant production of olives
· In recent times, farmer Masaki Ishii was inspired by island´s raising cattle and olive industry and he discovered a process of drying and roasting the olive leftovers (after pressed them for oil) to prepare a powder to feed his cattle
· The production cycle is also unique and eco balanced, since cattle are fed with olives leftovers and then manure of olive-fed cattle becomes compost, which is then used to create healthy soil for olive cultivation
· Olive-fed Wagyu are only about 2000 head of cattle in Japan, but they have become one of the most luxurious, rare and expensive Wagyu beef in the world
· Fine white silky fat texture
· Tenderness that you don’t even need to chew
· Explosive juiciness
· Bolder umami flavor, almost sweet with nutty hints

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Hope you enjoy it!🙏

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